Learning Pod Group reach full capacity at head location nearing a 40% profit margin

Learning Pod Group is proud to announce heading into Term 2, they’re at full capacity within their head location.

They successfully moved over a range of one to one students to groups, opening up more one to one sessions for new students and importantly, tripling the revenue.

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It’s their strategic plan to work with students one to one initially to work on their learning goals and build their confidence to work on independence, working on a 40% profit margin. Once the students are confident in their one to one sessions, it is their goal to move them to a group long term, changing the profit margins to 60% and securing more families for the long term, as this is also a more financially beneficial option for the families.

Interconnecting revenue: Throughout Term 1 and into Term 2, they welcomed many local families wanting to purchase fidget items and the latest fad items! They see the local school students, who are not Learning Pod students, come into the shop daily to buy the latest craze items, keeping the retail side of the business busy!

About Learning Pod Group

Learning Pod Group is a Leader in Education that has acknowledged a problem and is here to provide a solution to all parties!

We deliver customised education for all children to meet their needs, by empowering kids with knowledge, supporting our communities with skills for the future.

Here to disrupt the current education delivery systems and platforms in the world. Empowering parents and their children with skills for life.

Learning Pod Group is acknowledging the problem, and here to provide a solution!

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