Let’s Go See by Plane Characters Productions Reaches 500,000 Views

Plane Characters Productions is proud to announce that it’s pilot animations of Let’s Go See have now had a staggering 500,000 views.

Working in collaboration with Little Dot Studios (UK), Binge Networks (USA) with two more distribution contracts signed, Pane Characters Productions continue to receive excellent feedback from viewer and broadcasters.

Further investment is now sought to feed this demand for new content, expand our offering through our augmented reality app and market Let’s Go See globally.

The company is also looking to work with co-production partners and broadcast networks to continue its quest to entertain, educate and inspire young children.

Plane Characters’ five-year business plan can be access through their dedicated deal room in the CRIISP investment platform. Click Here.

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About The Company

Operating in the animation, edu-tech, merchandising and mobile app global growth markets, PCP has developed a diverse range of products for the Let’s Go See brand delivering multiple revenue streams. They have recently signed a two-year promotion and distribution deal with Little Dot Studios who will feature Let’s Go See on their global broadcast network, a network with combined monthly views in excess of 2.4 Billion.

Let’s Go See gives every single child the opportunity to experience the wonders of our world through animation, augmented reality and picture books.

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