Limmer Brothers Build Light Plane to Take on Rotax

A former RAAF pilot and “long-time home built enthusiast” David Limmer, was trying to re-engine an experimental aircraft about seven years ago when he was looking for a powerplant, which has left him to start developing his own.


  • David realised the engine could have an appeal beyond just the Lightning Bug he was fixing and could fill a niche in the wider recreational aviation market.
  • Andrew (David’s brother), who had been in the business for more than three decades, including heading the corporate sales business of financial services firm JPMorgan in Australia, became involved three years ago to help “wrap a business overlay” around the project.
  • The engine has been designed and developed over the past six years.

“If you go right back to when we were kids, he was building hang-gliders out of sheets and wood and this sort of stuff,” ­Andrew says of his brother.

“He’s been an enthusiast ­literally since he was a teenager.”

It is still a couple of years away from first deliveries but the brothers hope their business, Turbine Aeronautics, will take on a market dominated by Austrian giant Rotax, which makes the 912 and 914 series. Andrew is now working on the capital raising to fund the next stage of development.

“Our market is initially the experimental and light sport aircraft,” he says, adding that they would eventually like to expand into unmanned aerial vehicles.

The brothers expect the engines to sell at a competitive price to rival those from Rotax.

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