Long Pipes Awarded Immediate Local Projects and Global Markets

Australian Technologies Competition: NERA, Energy Award +People’s Choice Award. November 2016, Sydney

Venture Summit West: “Top Innovator + Best Presenter” top clean tech company globally. March 2017, “Silicon Valley”

Winning the Markets: water, oil, gas, sewerage, sour gas, geothermal, transportation networks for; methanol, hydrogen, (to stabilise renewables), and Carbon Capture Storage for Raw CO2 to reverse climate change.

Australia= Immediate Market

Australia 11 projects = hundreds of kilometres of immediate market = $160M/3yrs.

Prove it + Production capacity = Contracts

Process proven: Resin Wave + “Infulsion”

Demonstrated: “in the field” at Harvey Water (See Video)

Production: new 4,000sqm plant + 12,000 sqm storage + 400m test track = thousands of kms/yr

Objective = Contracts ≥ 100kms or $20M + API Certification start, in 2017

Global:- proposals/projects/Production Companies/ for; USA, Europe, Africa, India, Middle East,

Thailand, Indonesia, Asia, China = 10,000kms+/yr or $10B/yr.

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