Long Pipes Pty Ltd CEO Interview

Long Pipes objective is to develop and sell the Fluid HighwayTM; a seamless, continuous, composite pipeline, for offshore and onshore operations, over any terrain, over long distances – we call it the “Fluid Highway™” (FH).  Long Pipes business model is to produce and sell the Fluid Highway; or construct the FH and sell the fluid moving through the “FH” such as water oil or gas. The FH is a light, efficient and durable, impermeable, (does not leak gas), pipeline technology that is manufactured at a rapid rate in the field with no joints or welds required. The resulting composite pipe is strong, flexible and able to withstand extreme temperature variations and high pressure.

For over 100 years, industry has been using steel pipelines as their primary pipeline solution and this is considered the incumbent technology.  Industry and government have been looking for a replacement for the problems of steel pipe with its corrosion and joint failures for decades. You have seen the failures of steel pipe on the news most nights. Industry and government want a continuous (no joints), fully thermoplastic, lined, non-metallic pipeline that can be manufactured on site, in or beside the trench and yet attain high operating pressures of +100 Bar.

The Fluid HighwayTM is a demonstrated, cost-effective technology that has the potential to challenge the global steel, high density polyethylene (HDPE) and fibreglass pipeline industries and become the material of choice for oil, gas, water slurry and hydro transportation networks for coal and magnetite.

Please listen to Long Pipes Director, Mr Neil Graham.