Make a Difference by Sponsoring a Project with Classroom of Hope Today

Make a difference today by sponsoring a project with Classroom of Hope.

161 million children of primary and lower secondary school age do not have access to education.

250 million children of primary age lack basic reading, writing, and mathematics skills.

What you get when you give!

Current projects you can sponsor today include Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia.

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Classroom of hope is an Australian registered charity with the ACNC with DGR ITEM 1 status. All donations $2 and above are tax deductible. 


About Classroom of Hope:

Classroom of Hope exists to help children unleash their greatness through life-changing education. Our purpose is to provide access to quality education to children in developing countries.

How we do this is my partnering with best practice local NGOs to implement education programs like building schools and women & girls scholarships across Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Indonesia and Rwanda.

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