MediKane board of directors announce the business has become cash positive

MediKane’s board of directors is announcing that the business has become cash positive.


The 2020 revenue projection is $1.6 million from current sales, orders and three new customers.  Current negotiations with other customers and distributors is aiming to increase this to $4 million.

We have also:

  • Restructured and reduced operating costs
  • Eliminated two suppliers which improved reliability and reduced costs
  • Developed manufacturing capabilities
  • Resolved an IP issue – All IP will now be fully owned by MediKane
  • Made a breakthrough with Royal North Shore Hospital – a new diabetes product

In Addition – new products:

The business will now fast track new products due to consumer and retail demand.

  • A retail product for intestinal health/inflammation
  • A retail gut health product for constipation, celiac disease, IBS and reflux
  • A USA product for Health & Wellness

New Markets are now available:

  • Industrial markets where the business has considerable experience and contacts
  • Brand name/s have been finalised and website URLs registered
  • We expect to announce progress in this new area in 2020
  • Separately, a number of businesses have contacted us to provide ingredients


  • We are in final negotiations to sell product to a major US distributor
  • The US customers require a US processing facility – this is now well advanced
  • The products will also be available from an online network

Future Distribution Territories:

  • We are in final negotiations to appoint a Japanese distributor
    • Excellent opportunity from within our network – will develop over 12 months
  • Offers to distribute in China continue – none have been acceptable to the board
  • We have an opportunity to distribute into India from a previous network connection
    • That will not be progressed for 12 months
  • We are also being assisted by Austrade for several opportunities

“MediKane has turned the corner”


About MediKane

MediKane is a growth business selling to the Healthcare sector with two products at market and 3 other products set for launch in 2020. MediKane’s medical treatments outperform most drugs and are preferred by consumers as they are natural, safe and have clinical proof. The products are on sale have high and growing margins. The business is sound and the team experienced. The markets are global with consumers, the medical world and governments well aware that diabetes is growing to pandemic proportions.

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