MedTech Gardian has signed an MOU to rollout to 1000 new clients and has attracted an advisory panel of 7 leading experts

Gardian EMS has been built to save lives. Save the lives of your children, your parents, and your friends. It has been built to help care givers, paramedics and medical teams do their jobs more effectively, and to provide a better level of care.

When urgent medical assistance is required, it is imperative to get to the person quickly, as time can be the critical factor in saving a life. Gardian EMS can detect, very early on, if medical intervention is required, often before the person is even aware of it themselves.

Gardian EMS assesses the users health vitals, as well as location and movement, and determines if emergency assistance is required, based on real-time data, and not false alarms. It will notify and dispatch medics to the person, at their exact location, to give them the care that they need.

If you want to invest in creating a healthier world, or to help us build a legacy, Gardian EMS should be your investment of choice, to help make a difference.”

Graham Gordon, Co-Founder, Gardian Technologies

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Executive Summary

Gardian Technologies Pty Ltd (Gardian) operates in the medical technology (medtech) industry category, an eminent part of the healthcare sector. Gardian creates medical devices and software which simplify the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and illnesses, shifting the focus away from an acute care model to one of preventive care.

They have developed Gardian EMS, a world-first proactive and preventive medical assistance solution. Gardian EMS incorporates mobile apps, AI-based medical intervention software, smart wearables, paramedic workflow management, and treatment tools.

The technology has been adapted to improve levels of care for the aged in residential living, to support the quality of life in the disability sector, and for providing critical health and safety support at high-risk workplaces.

Investment Highlights

  • Gardian are ahead of their expectations by signing clients in all three target sectors – festivals/events, aged care and disability care
  • Gardian have a large addressable market; and a solution that works for multiple industries
  • Gardian have already signed their first festival partner – Yours & Owls
  • Gardian already have their first Disability OT provider on board for trial and rollout
  • Gardian have an MoU with an aged care service provider for trial and rollout to 1000 clients
  • Gardian are trialing their solution in April with iconic venue The Zoo in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
  • The Gardian advisory panel comprises of 7 leading experts to provide advice and advocacy
  • Their forecast EBITDA by year 5 is 80% (in line with tech industry standards)
  • Their Co-Founder is the Founder of EMS event medical and has over 400 clients with whom they are now beginning to talk to about their solution.

Investment Offering

They are offering 1,500,000 shares at $1.00 per share, and a 15% discount for shares purchased on future equity raise rounds that may be required for those investors that take up this initial equity round.

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