MedTech with Globally Protected IP Achieves 600% YoY Increase in Sales from £3.2T Market

“One of the key reasons I joined Bioself Technology as CEO is my focus on transformational technologies that have strong commercial viability and potential for large-scale global impact. By developing innovative technology like Sensate, we mobilise cutting-edge science and technology, together with wisdom drawn from old traditions and practices to solve the current-day mental health and stress crises.”

Anna Gudmunson CEO & Co-founder Sensate

“Sensate’s mission is to enable people to live their lives in the happiest and healthiest way possible by using technology as an aid to achieving profound relaxation. Based on 30 years of clinical experience, I can say that the Sensate platform achieves this better than any other technology out there.” 

Stefan Chmelik CSO, Inventor & Co-founder Sensate

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Executive Summary

Increased awareness of mental health and chronic anxiety has been a globally relevant and largely unresolved problem, even before the recent pandemic created a tsunami of widespread personal loss and disruption in people’s lives.

Bioself Technology, a young company based in the UK and the US,  is the inventor of Sensate. Sensate is a groundbreaking new technology that pairs a handy device synchronised with a companion app, grounded in decades of experience and neurological research on stress and trauma-related conditions.

Investment Highlights

  • Sensate is a sleek product that is globally relevant in its purpose, with a YoY sales increase by 600% from 2019 to 2020, from £150K to £920K.
  • The company uses a dual hardware and subscription model.
  • Outstanding existing usage and engagement numbers show proven customer appetite.
  • Sensate already has an approved patent for the UK/EPO European Union. Its patents in the US and China are pending.
  • The wellness market grew at twice the global economic growth rate before the pandemic and is currently worth more than £3.2T.

Investment Offering

The company is offering participation in a SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity), closing this August. It seeks to raise USD$1M under the SAFE and has already received more than 40% of this amount.

The SAFE will convert to equity at a 20% discount, or a USD$12M valuation cap, for the next round of financing slated for later this year.

Current participants in the SAFE include Los Angeles-based Unlock Venture Partners and TenOneTen Ventures, along with Martin Tobias, the founder of Incisive Ventures and ex-CEO of Upgrade Labs.

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