Wellness HealthTech with UK and EU Patents Grows 600% in Sales

“We have a product that genuinely works, a very healthy hardware+subscription model, good traction, outstanding usage/engagement numbers, and a very strong global growth plan.”

Anna Gudmunson – Sensate CEO & Co-founder

“Based on 30 years of clinical experience, I can say that the Sensate platform is more effective than any other technology.” 

Stefan Chmelik – Sensate CSO, Inventor & Co-founder 

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Executive Summary

Bioself is a health technology company based in the UK and US. Its brand, Sensate, is a consumer non-invasive vagus nerve toning device synchronised with a companion app.

The product gently soothes the nerves responsible for managing fear, anxiety and stress, bringing deep relaxation within ten minutes.

Sensate combines science and extensive clinical validation with pioneering technology deployment to offer a powerful new mode of treatment sessions to the broader consumer market outside of exclusive clinics.

Grounded in decades of clinical experience with stress and trauma-related conditions, Sensate empowers consumers to improve their wellbeing, reduce stress, and increase resilience.

Investment Highlights

  • Sales of Sensate increased by 600% YoY from £150K (2019) to £920K (2020)
  • Sensate has an approved patent for the UK/EU under the European Patent Office (EPO) and a pending patent application in the US and China

  • The wellness market grew at twice the global economic growth rate before the pandemic and is currently worth more than £3.2T

  • Bioself has raised over USD365K from investors, including Unlock Venture Partners, TenOneTen Ventures, and Martin Tobias (Founder of Incisive Ventures and ex-CEO of Upgrade Labs)

Investment Offering

Bioself is raising USD1M / GBP700K / AUD1.3M under a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE). The SAFE will convert to equity at a 20% discount, or a USD12M valuation cap, for the next financing round later this year.

Investments can be made in GBP/USD/AUD. The company is UK-incorporated, but a standard SAFE has been used for the round due to US-based investor interest and the simplicity of the agreement.

This round is over 50% subscribed.

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