Millenium Kapital Ltd is in the midst of completing it’s pre IPO

Key Takeaways:

  • Pre IPO raising
  • Acqusistion of Millenium Kapital (Africa) limited
  • Appointment of Computershare as its Share registry

Millenium Kapital Ltd is in the midst of completing it’s pre IPO raising which is currently being done at 1 pence with the intention of listing the stock early next year on the Standard Section of the London Stock Exchange at 5 pence and a dual listing on the National Stock Exchange of Australia.

Millenium Kapital Ltd has acquired 100% of the share capital of Sierra Leone based Millenium Kapital (Africa) Limited who are in the process of acquiring mining tenements in the Pujean District of Zimmi, This area is known to carry the much sought after Zimmi Canary Yellow Diamonds. The Zimmi Canary Yellow Diamonds are unique because of the high nitrogen content which gives it the spectacular rich yellow color.

Millenium’s business model strategy is two fold in the first year which is firstly to carry out early stage exploration which will include soil testing and an aeromagnetic survey and secondly in order to generate early stage revenue is to buy diamonds from artisanal miners in the year.

The total per IPO funds raised in 2019 is currently A$804,629. Millenium Kapital Ltd has participated in Investor shows organised by Wholesale Investor in Singapore , Sydney and Melbourne in 2019.

About Millenium Kapital Ltd

MKL works with experienced investors looking to grow their portfolios, along with guiding first-time investors new to the market in establishing a portfolio which will generate the highest return with mitigated risks.

We are currently represented in Perth by Millenium Kapital Investments Pty Ltd and in Singapore by Millenium Kapital Limited Pte Ltd.

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