Millenium Kapital Ltd (MKL) is pleased to announce the appointment of Robert Nigel Chapman as its Principal Technical Consultant

Millenium Kapital Ltd (MKL) is pleased to announce the appointment of Robert Nigel Chapman as its Principal Technical Consultant.  Nigel is the UK qualified Geologist with 29 years international experience in precious, base metal, iron ore, diamond/ gemstone sectors in Southern-Central- West Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Eastern Europe, India and Australia. His core skills are in the creation, establishment and management of natural resources companies, worldwide and in post-conflict countries and in diverse and challenging jurisdictions. Nigel has also been involved in private and public fundraising for exploration projects and IPO’s. He has also acted as a consultant and held Executive and Non- Executive positions with listed and private exploration companies.

Most of the earlier shareholders would have received copies of their share certificates in their emails. Those that have not received it yet, will receive it over the next two or three weeks. MKL is working with its Advisors and Computershare to have the shares turned electronic to then be deposited with the relevant stockbrokers and be ready for trade on IPO. The initial target date to achieve this was Feb 3rd, however, due to the holiday season this has been pushed back and we hope to have this achieved before the end of February 2020. We will keep you informed once this is done.

MKL will be participating at the Wholesale Investor Capital Raising Event- Emergence 2020 which will be held in Sydney from 26th Feb 2020 to 28 Feb 2020 and which already has over 1700 delegates registered.

MKL is at the moment continuing with its Pre IPO raising at 1 penny and we will continue to do this until we have finalised the IPO Prospectus. Once the IPO Prospectus is finalised then the capital raising will have to move to 5 pence. Our objective is to complete as much of the capital raising as possible prior to the IPO Prospectus being completed so that we can keep the IPO raising to a minimum of the 25% of the company, which we are required to raise in the UK.


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MKL works with experienced investors looking to grow their portfolios, along with guiding first-time investors new to the market in establishing a portfolio which will generate the highest return with mitigated risks.

We are currently represented in Perth by Millenium Kapital Investments Pty Ltd and in Singapore by Millenium Kapital Limited Pte Ltd.

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