Millenium Kapital (MKL) release an update on their IPO

Millenium Kapital (MKL) release an update on the current situation with regards to their IPO.

Pre-IPO raising

Due to expressions of interest received from a couple of  interested parties that want to take up the Pre-IPO capital at 1p, the company has decided to cancel the 2p pre-IPO raising and to do all the pre-IPO raising at 1p. For Investors that invested at the 2p level, the investment will be revised to 1p and a new share subscription form will be forwarded to you for signature and the additional shares issued. Likewise you are always welcome to come to the office at your  convenience to have the new subscription forms signed in order to update the share register accordingly with the additional shares.


“The Board has now decided to pursue a dual listing of the company. The main listing would be on  ‘Standard’ on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and it will also pursue a parallel listing on the National Stock Exchange of Australia. (NSX)”.

The Board has agreed to do the IPO at 5p, which will represent an initial profit of 400% from the Pre-IPO subscription.  We are in the process of discussions with several potential investors to become an Anchor Investor for the IPO. In the meantime, with the cancellation of the Pre-IPO at 2p, the 1p Pre-IPO is still open and we are still looking for Investors to come in. Therefore, if you would like to increase your investment or have friends that want to potentially come in, please feel free to bring them to our office for a short presentation. Not many Pre-IPOs offer the chance of a potential 400% return and the bigger the shareholder spread the bigger the liquidity in the market. We are only able to do this and sustain the interest in the UK because the ‘Zimmi” assets are much sought after.

IPO Timing

We are currently looking at  having completed the IPO by the last quarter of  2019. We have now attracted substantial interest from potential Investors in South America both in terms of IPO subscriptions and potential assets to acquire and will keep shareholders updated as we receive confirmation.

Effects of BREXIT

This has been one of the most frequent queries from Investors.The effects of BREXIT for Millenium Kapital Ltd are minimal since the vehicle that will be listed is a BVI registered vehicle and thus not affected by BREXIT.  Additionally, the ‘Zimmi Assets’ that are being acquired are located in Sierra Leone and our main component in the UK is the listing , which will be in British Pounds.
The UK is expected to come out stronger financially  Post Brexit so other than currency fluctuations , Millenium Kapital Ltd should be unaffected by the Brexit issue. Also our market capitalization IPO will be in the region of GBP 6,700,000.00 so we are a relatively small company and any swings in the currency will have a minimal effect on us.

Please find the updated Corporate Presentation and the Share Subscription form for 1p here.


About Millenium Kapital Ltd

MKL works with experienced investors looking to grow their portfolios, along with guiding first-time investors new to the market in establishing a portfolio which will generate the highest return with mitigated risks.

We are currently represented in Perth by Millenium Kapital Investments Pty Ltd and in Singapore by Millenium Kapital Limited Pte Ltd.

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