Mobile Platform for High-Yield Savings, Currency Exchange, and Cross-Border Payments | Offers 4-10% APY

Its with great pleasure that we announce the Target Launch Date for Cashero.

The team are proud to confirm final stress-tests referenced in our May Newsletter are complete.

The final Trail of Bits Security Audit is Scheduled for 25th July 2022.

Product Launch is set for 22nd September 2022.

A milestone update will be provided to Investors and Ambassadors once the security audit is complete.

Market expectation is a share price increase of 40-60% within 30 to 60 days from application launch.

The Cashero Team are using the remaining days ahead of launch to tie up deals with strategic partners and close the final pre-launch funding round.

It is at this point we ask existing investors to reach out to their Ambassadors for final investments and placings for Equity in the project.


£4.35m Shares available: Priced at £1.15 per share

Funding Round Close Date: 31st August 2022

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About the company

Cashero is a blockchain-based payment eco-system, that provides a secure platform for high-yield savings, multi-currency wallets and instant, fee-free internal and cross border payments.

Cashero recognises the appeal and requirement for cash savings, but that inflation, high remittance fees and payment friction are a problem for individuals and businesses across the globe.

Cashero was founded in 2020 following 2 years of idea conceptualisation, research, Iteration and development to solve these problems.

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