Mobilicom wins AUD$1.8 million Cyber Security program from Israeli officials


  • Mobilicom wins AUD$1.8 million program from the Israel Ministry of Defense and the Israel Innovation Authority.
  • The program focuses on the development of Cyber Security using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for drones and robotics.
  • The program will be a game-changer for Mobilicom.

Mobilicom has been chosen by the Israeli Ministry of Defense and the Israel Innovation Authority to execute an R&D project valued in excess of $1.8 million.

Mobilicom’s project will focus on the development of cyber technologies using Artificial Intelligence as an add-on module for drones and unmanned platforms.

Mobilicom is planning to develop an anti-hijacking and anti-spoofing system for commercial and industrial drones and robotics.

It will enable autonomous drone cyber security without intervention by an operator in real-time.

This solution is a game-changer for commercial drone deployment as cyber security is critical for the success
of the commercial drone market.

Mobilicom’s innovative solution will mitigate the cyber security risks and as a result, enable the acceleration of commercial drone market scalability.

This is a two-year project with a grant of 66% based on the overall project value and thus strengthens the
Company’s financial and cash flow performance.

Mobilicom’s CEO, Oren Elkayam, said: ““We look forward to bringing this project to fruition as the outcome will serve as a game-changer in the commercial drone and robotics industry and reinforce Mobilicom as a holistic solution provider for drones and other unmanned platforms.”


About Mobilicom Limited (ASX: MOB)

Mobilicom designs, develops and markets solutions for mission critical and remote mobile private communication networks without the need for, or use of, any existing infrastructure. Mobilicom’s products and technology merge 4G communication with Mobile MESH technologies into a unified solution, with several product families that have been commercially deployed. Mobilicom’s SkyHopper entity targets the Professional, Commercial and Industrial UAV market.

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