Momentum continues to build around Kazia Therapeutic’s international clinical trial program

Kazia Therapeutics Limited (ASX: KZA; NASDAQ: KZIA), an Australian
oncology-focused biotechnology company, is pleased to provide an update on its latest investor newsletter.

Key topics covered in the newsletter include:

  • A brief update on the Kazia-led phase II clinical trial of GDC-0084, the Company’s lead
    drug, which is being investigated as a potential therapeutic for glioblastoma, the most
    common and most aggressive form of brain cancer
  • A summary of recent media coverage around World Brain Tumor day, where Professor
    Matt Dun of the University of Newcastle, who is researching Kazia’s GDC-0084 for use in
    a rare form of childhood brain cancer, called DIPG, was featured across mainstream
    newspapers and television
  • An overview of Kazia’s recently announced inclusion in the “Alliance Study” where GDC0084 is being trialled in patients with metastatic brain cancer (cancer that has spread to
    the brain from elsewhere in the body). This trial is being funded by the US National
    Cancer Institute, part of the US National Institutes of Health
  • The selection of Kazia’s Cantrixil Clinical Program Director, Dr Daniel Berg to join the
    prestigious Bridge Program, a professional development scheme for high-potential
    professionals in the Australian drug development industry
  • An interview with Clinical Program Director for GDC-0084, Dr Jeremy Simpson, who
    explains the clinical trials process, and reviews the four live GDC-0084 clinical programs.
    The newsletter also provides a summary of recent and coming events.

Access the newsletter HERE 

About Kazia Therapeutics Limited
Kazia Therapeutics Limited (ASX: KZA, NASDAQ: KZIA) is an innovative oncology-focused biotechnology company, based in Sydney, Australia. Our pipeline includes two clinical-stage drug development candidates, and we are working to develop therapies across a range of oncology indications.

Our lead program is GDC-0084, a small molecule inhibitor of the PI3K / AKT / mTOR pathway, which is being developed to treat glioblastoma multiforme, the most common and most aggressive form of primary brain cancer in adults. Licensed from Genentech in late 2016, GDC0084 entered a phase II clinical trial in 2018. Initial safety data was released in May 2019, and efficacy data is expected in 2H 2019. GDC-0084 was granted orphan designation for glioblastoma by the US FDA in February 2018.

TRX-E-002-1 (Cantrixil), is a third-generation benzopyran molecule with activity against cancer stem cells, and is being developed to treat ovarian cancer. TRX-E-002-1 is currently undergoing a phase I clinical trial in Australia and the United States. Initial data was presented at the AACR annual conference in April 2019 and the study remains ongoing. Cantrixil was granted orphan designation for ovarian cancer by the US FDA in April 2015.

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