Moroku Secures Topflight Tech leader as CTO

Moroku today announced that Rudi Engelbrecht will be joining Moroku as Chief Technology and Operations Officer

Rudi will be joining the company from Paradigm Global Solutions where he was the CEO for four years creating a highly profitable wealth management platform. Rudi will bring his experience in building secure, scalable, contemporary cloud-based solutions to Moroku to deliver against the increasing number of client projects on the GameSystem around the world.

Rudi’s experiences that will benefit Moroku moving forward include:

  • Starting and growing technology startups
  • Financial Services technology environments
  • Creating, growing, and leading people
  • Operationalising technologies and people to support high numbers of transactions in a 24*7 environment

Rudi received his first computer at the age of 10 and started programming games for enjoyment. After university he was responsible for developing the strategy and systems architecture for a leading wealth management platform, Momentum Wealth, in South Africa. Afterwards he broadened his experience at various banks and financial institutions in South Africa and the USA and was part of the founding team to launch the first online, B2C, Managed Funds trading platform, Equinox, in South Africa in 2001. Rudi launched 2 successful fintechs, both providing B2B SaaS solutions for Wealth Management. Today he is responsible for the technology strategy at Moroku and brings a wealth of experience in implementing large-scale solutions for banks and fintechs. Rudi enjoys cycling, tennis, golf, skiing, snowboarding and volunteering.

“I am looking forward to being part of the team and delivering Moroku’s vision,” says Rudi  “Gaming introduced me to technology and being part of the intersection between financial services, some of the worlds biggest challenges and gamification is a natural evolutionary step.”

“This is a really exciting time for Moroku. There are several projects across a range of industries and time zones as customer engagement becomes a strategic priority for governments and industries. We needed someone that had the technology and leadership skills in a fast-growing technology company to get these done. Rudi’s technology skills across the broad array of technologies in front of us coupled with his people, communication and all round business skills put him way ahead of the field” says Colin Weir, Chief at Moroku.

Moroku CTO – Rudi Engelbrecht

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About Moroku

Moroku’s vision is of a world where everyone is being great with their money. To do that, financial services needs to be fun and social. When service is this way, people pay attention, get curious, overcome challenges, grow skills, and go on a journey of mastery.

Characterised by games and social, customer engagement, of all ages and backgrounds, is being redefined. Customers want to have fun, take on challenges, be recognised and share. Moroku’s platform and processes create engaging financial services experiences for banks and wealth providers that empower customers and help them compete. It does this with its proprietary GameSystem methodology that maps the customer journey towards mastery and an innovative, cloud based, application engagement platform that drives the user experience, getting users to pay attention, build financial muscle and act.

The company makes money by integrating its cloud platform into the digital fabric of financial service providers’ technology and charging for that on a monthly user subscription basis. Go to market is a blend of direct and indirect with a growing number of large fintech’s embedding Moroku into their solutions for scale.

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