Moscar Capital Anniversary

As we approach the first anniversary of Moscar’s inaugural fund, we are delighted to announce that we are currently on-track for our targeted 5x return, and we are only just getting started. Within 11 months, we have launched a Series-A raise for SUPPER Deliveries for 5.2x our entry point – their revenue has increased 1000% YoY. All our other portfolio companies are trending at a minimum 3x return, and we’ll be launching their Series-A rounds over the next 12-15 months.

With Moscar, you don’t have to wait until the end of the fund for cash realisation as we’ll have liquidity events throughout the life of the fund. The schedule could well change pending matters surrounding CV-19, but our portfolio has positively benefitted to date, and we source investments with the new post-Covid economy in mind.  Whether it’s a marketplace, D2C consumer goods, desk-based corporate volunteering or credit verification, Moscar’s portfolio is focused on companies that can grow fast. With our hands-on approach, we can shepherd these companies into a new stage of growth, making them attractive for further institutional investments.

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Moscar has 6 companies in its portfolio and is about to complete on their 7th. For our brochure and all other documents, please see DocSend , and you can also email to book in a call.


About Moscar Capital

Moscar is a venture capital fund managed from London who target smaller bootstrapped companies with valuations ranging from £2m-£10m. The growth in these companies has been harnessed by their ambitious founders, who share our unstoppable drive to build compelling financial and societal returns. We target revenue generating companies with minimal cash burn to ensure that these are viable businesses with market demand. Our investment is then used for growth capital with easily monitored objectives.

Post investment, we prepare our companies for institutional funding by producing a clear road map to a larger Series-A round, ideally within 12-18 months. We assist with board formulation, business analysis and modelling for expansion, making the company attractive for institutional investors. With our hands-on approach we don’t just invest in businesses – we become deeply invested in them.

The Fund is targeting an internal rate of return (“IRR”) of 25% per annum, or 5x cash on cash, over a maximum 7-year period.

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