MPSS Partners with Premium International Customer Experience Aggregator

Following a successful exchange with a premium international customer experience aggregator MadeComfy, MPSS can now offer its management services to a significantly increased client base. MPSS’s own base of clients now contains an additional 60 managements which can be converted into short term rental properties.  

Property owners looking to occupy their regular or luxury property for one to multiple day stays are now able to be fully integrated into the MPSS network which has already boasted successes in the long-term rental market. More specifically this partnership will be targeting those on holiday or corporate-oriented stays, as these bookings offer even higher and more consistent returns.   

For 2022 MPSS will continue to build on this partnership, with the high probability of purchasing additional large residential rent rolls as well as further expanding into Australia’s more premium holiday destinations. Rent collection revenue is expected to continue to increase in response to these upcoming additions in conjunction with a continued effort to solidify both short term and long-term rental operations and management.   

More details on the partnership and future MPSS operations will be available at the upcoming Investor presentation on 9th of March 2022 at the Wholesale Investor Emergence Conference. Register below to book your ticket  

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About MPSS

MPSS is an established real estate agency situated in the Northern beaches. After operating for over a decade, within the last two years MPSS has shifted towards focusing on scalable growth as shown by the acquisition of two significant rent rolls which have been successfully integrated. Using the expertise of an experienced property management team and an industry-leading management model. MPSS is now able to offer over 200 of its existing owners the opportunity to receive greater rental returns by combining the ability to lease property for short or long term periods within the new government guidelines. In some cases this means rental income for our owners increasing by as much as 20% P.A.

Currently, MPSS is undergoing a capital raise to expand and implement its new management model not only across the greater Sydney area but also interstate, working with investors to raise capital for the purpose of scaling up our business via strategic acquisitions and increased market presence. 

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