Naluri addresses the growing continuous healthcare problem amongst the Asian region with patented, proprietary and evidence based technology

“We’re incredibly passionate about redefining tomorrow’s healthcare – to tackle the global chronic disease epidemic by combining behaviour science, data science and digital design to deliver quantifiable health improvements.”

Azran Osman – Rani, Executive Director & CEO, Naluri

Dr Jeremy Ting, Executive Director and President, Naluri

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Currently there is a population of 100 million people in Southeast Asia combined with 1 billion people in wider Asia who have no proper access to continuous care. This existing framework has resulted in chronic diseases being the cause of 55% of all deaths (regionally) and 70% of medical claims, these same chronic diseases have a large overlap with depression, anxiety and stress. With a population this large, in need of high – touch care, the current health system cannot cope. Overlay that with the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for an effective digital solution becomes even more apparent.


Naluri has developed a solution that addresses this problem directly. It helps improve chronic physical and mental health risks in a way that is more effective than medication alone, ten times as cost-efficient and accessible.

The Naluri solution can be explained in 3 distinct parts ;

  1. Hyper-personalised intervention programs that go beyond self-help tools, creating sustainable long-term health improvements.
  2. Digitally personalised, coordinated, multidisciplinary care for individuals in this region.
  3. Increased health – care professional productivity through innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning and digital design – driven by our proprietary and patented Behavioural Change Prediction Algorithm.

Competitive Edge

Naluri has both fundamental and technological competitive advantages positioning themselves as a strong force in the market ;

Tailored/Localised Technology to the SEA Market – using proprietary dataset unique to the language and lifestyle of the people of the region.

Proprietary and Patented Behaviour Change Algorithm

Market leading efficiency in coaching (and therefore cost to serve), coupled with proven clinical outcomes and cost savings (currently running local and global clinical trials to strengthen evidence base)

Pioneering a true digital first, user-centered, multidisciplinary health care delivery.


Exceptionally strong Pre-Series A team, with deep innovative business scaling and industry expertise.

CEO : A seasoned entrepreneur and business leader, having built and scaled other startups (i.e., took AirAsia X from business plan to IPO in six years; built iflix to 20 million subscribers in 20 emerging markets)

President : Oxford-trained medical doctor, with expertise in healthcare models of the future, and co-led McKinsey & Company’s healthcare practice in the region

Other company leaders include three PhDs in psychology (cognitive, health and clinical), a highly experienced Australian CTO and a German data scientist

Illustrious local and global advisory board to guide us along this journey.


Series A USD4million equity/preference shares, on a pre-money valuation of USD23million.


Naluri aims to be the leading digital therapeutics company addressing chronic and mental health risks in the region.

The raise will allows them to:

  • Accelerate our growth in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines (South East Asia): seed Australia and Japan (Asia);; and reach USD 5mn ARR in 18 months
  • Deepen our AI behaviour change algorithm and technology moats
  • Strengthen our clinical evidence base with clinical trials in Europe (Luxembourg) and getting CE Mark approval
  • Expand use case to adjacent, therapeutic areas (e.g. cancer, renal, chronic pain).


  • Government Recognition (Malaysia) – CIP300 Grant from Cradle Fund and HIP2 Grant from Platcom Ventures in 2018
  • MSC Status in 2018
  • Stanford StartX Accelerator Program in 2019
  • 500 Startups Global Launch Program in 2020
  • MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific Accelerator in 2020
  • 1st place winner in the Asian Healthcare Unicorn Battle in 2020
  • Clinical trial collaboration with premier heart institute in Malaysia in 2018
  • Diabetes Prevention Program pilot research with International Medical University in Malaysia
  • Finalising terms for clinical research projects with the University Malaya Medical Centre Oncology Department to assess Naluri’s digital health program to provide mental health support for cancer survivors

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