NaturesCoin, digital economy with a real purpose, featured in Business News Australia

Key Takeaways:

  • Featured in Business News Australia
  • Natures Coin crypto project backed by some of Australia’s most prominent tech-entrepreneurs
  • Used in the environmental and ecological sectors for projects, businesses, and individuals
Natures Coin was featured in Business News Australia on 31 May, NaturesCoin is a crypto project backed by some of Australia’s most prominent tech-entrepreneurs.

NaturesCoin offers solutions pertaining to real-world problems through its various applications. While it utilizes the principle of blockchain technology, what renders this project unique is its ability to combine decentralization with transparency, particularly in the case of NGOs.

Executive Director of NaturesCoin, Ian Jones, describes this venture as a game-changer wherein this cryptocurrency would disrupt traditional practices on one hand, and at the same time create a currency that could be traced every time that it is used. Courtesy of having gained plenty of experience in launching start-ups in the Australia market, Mr Jones observed dissatisfaction among people and hence felt the need to innovate and establish a new system.

What renders NaturesCoin unique is its ability to support all initiatives included in the UN Program for Sustainability while featuring a currency that would serve the purpose within a specific economy. So, this goes on to emphasize the versatile nature of currency since it is both specific and supportive of the environment.

On a personal level, people recycle, save water and electricity and plant trees to do their bit towards the planet. Corporate concerns do the same through Corporate Social Responsibility. Most corporate houses are under pressure to strike a balance between increasing profits and having a positive impact on the environment. To this effect, NaturesCoin offers a feasible solution wherein the balance sheets could be maintained through blockchain technology, which is both eco-friendly and operationally efficient.

This company is not just limited to Australia – its management is in discussion with NGOs of various other countries to implement and use this system.

Natures Coin

The nature-based cryptocurrency economy that puts the power to influence sustainable and environmental outcomes into the hands of people and companies that care.

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