Nauticus ‘Easy Trading Wizard’ makes buying Bitcoin simple


  • World’s easiest way to buy Bitcoin
  • Users guided every step of the way
  • No previous knowledge required

SURVEYS have consistently found that almost a third of people who want to buy Bitcoin have no idea how to do so.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are baffling to newcomers – a series of constantly updating numbers without explanation, and arcane terms like ‘limit’, ‘stop limit’ and ‘blockchain address’.

High barrier to entry

Unwelcoming and difficult to understand interfaces are a high barrier to entry for many people who wish to purchase cryptocurrency.

Nauticus Exchange is proud to unveil our answer to this confusion – the world’s easiest way to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Our ‘Easy Trading Wizard’ has just gone live, and it’s been designed to take newcomers step by step through the process of buying Bitcoin for the first time.

Real life language

Instead of ‘trade’ it uses terms consumers use in everyday life such as ‘buy’ and ‘pay with’.

The wizard simply asks users which cryptocurrency they want to buy, and what currency they want to pay for it with.

You can enter the number of Bitcoin you’d like to buy and the ‘cost’ will appear automatically.

Or you can enter how much you’d like to spend in dollars, and the number of Bitcoin you are able to buy with that amount automatically appears.

You can also simply ‘spend all’ your available currency by pressing ‘Max’.

The system gives users a chance to confirm their order is correct and then sends through a market order. It’s that easy.

The interface anyone can use

“When we were designing this interface, I wanted to ensure that ANYONE in the world could use the wizard,” says Nauticus COO Jonathan Chang.

“It’s been designed to be so simple that my grandmother – who was born back in the days when they didn’t have regular electricity – could easily buy Bitcoin without any technical knowledge at all.”

We will also be adding live support at the touch of a button soon, to help and reassure users with any questions they may still have.

Bringing crypto to the masses

It’s all part of Nauticus Exchange’s mission to bring cryptocurrency to the masses.

Combined with the lowest fees in Australia – and extremely competitive rates in global terms – the Wizard enables users to quickly, easily and affordably get into crypto without any background knowledge.

We’re also building up an extensive library of support articles and how to videos in the Knowledge Centre of with the aim of demystifying crypto for everyday people.


About Nauticus
Nauticus is a Melbourne based fintech company that provides user-friendly and secure crypto banking and eCommerce solutions utilizing blockchain technology, underpinned by the Nauticus Coin.