New Truck-stop sees high demand for toodle’s mobile-friendly F&B ordering App & Platform

toodle, the low-cost mobile ordering solution for merchants and customers, has become the sole ordering platform for the newly opened Barakah Exit Food & Beverage (F&B) Truck-stop in Abu Dhabi.

Using toodle’s unique mobile platform, Barakah Exits’ range of F&B truck operators and staff now benefit from easy menu updating, quickly digitally amending their range of drinks and dishes on the toodle mobile hub, saving time and menu print wastage. Orders are managed on the staff’s own mobile device negating the need for expensive hardware. The truck owners also benefit from a range of toodle hub reports that provide valuable data to efficiently enhance their business operations. 

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The F&B truck brands display their menus on their very own branded Apps allowing customers to conveniently browse, place their orders, and even choose how to pay. All seamlessly carried out on the customers mobile phone to ensure diners can fully transact in a safe & convenient manner.

“Having this streamlined process all on the mobile phone is a demand-led solution” states Alan Osborne, Founder & CEO of Payar Limited, the company responsible for the toodle creation. “Merchants require the most powerful tools available to reduce costs, efficiently operate, and succeed in their physical hospitality environments. Venue and store operators are also continuously challenged to enhance their hospitality customer experience, delivering immediate service in a safe and convenient manner. And toodle sits in that sweet spot”.  

All the Barakah Exits operators have adopted the toodle solution, including; Desert Chill Ice-cream, Dose Burger, Opao, Radio Café and White Truck, resulting in customers having easy access to a range of F&B choices from the UAE, America, India and Italy to name a few. 

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