New Wholesale offer for the Australian Residential Property Fund (ResiFund)

ResiFund have just launched a specific new opportunity for wholesale investors.

It provides access to specific types of residential property which are unavailable to most investors. These types of properties have already increased in value between 18%-30% on the equity invested.

ResiFund is on target to deliver a 10% return year 1, in a market where the average returns from Australian residential property have fallen over the same time period.

ResiFund allows investors a unique way to invest in a diversified pool of residential property, thereby significantly reducing the risk of a single property investment. It also allows investors to be able to invest without having to borrow or risk negative equity.
ResiFund was profiled on Channel 7 in 2019, due to its highly innovative offer and is now attracting significant interest.

For further information and a copy of the Offer document, please contact;
Warren Boothman
Ph: 0439 586 964


About OpenCorp

Open Corp are arguably Australia’s most qualified and successful residential investment group, having acquired over 1,000 properties in the last 10 years (with an average return of 10.8% p.a- unleveraged), are currently managing over 900 properties and have been the manager for 25 property funds and joint ventures.

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