News for MTM Film Holdings’ Investors

All Investors in MTM Film Holdings Pty Ltd will have their names featured in the credits of Molly the Magnificent, and provided with two tickets to the Australian Premiere.

About MTM FIlm Holdings Pty Ltd

100% Tax deduction – Priority Gross Revenue Participation – Legacy Australian Film Experience.

MTM Film Holdings Pty Ltd is a Special Purpose Vehicle set up by Wallace Media Group Limited for the production of it’s Australian feature film – Molly The Magnificent.

Written in the style of Little Miss Sunshine and Driving Miss Daisy by James Wallace and Glenn Fraser, Molly The Magnificent is a feel-good Australian story reminiscent of The Castle.

The film embraces three generations of unknowingly exceptional Australians simultaneously fighting their own battles yet dependent on each other to survive. It’s a love story rarely told yet familiar to us all.

The film has a $1.5mil budget and has $750k available for private investors in exchange for 50% of the copyright and gross revenue rights.

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