Next World invited to Austrade’s San Francisco Landing Pad program

Digital innovation and immersive tech in the workplace has been a rapidly growing space for the past few years, both here in Australia and overseas. A key factor for many Australian scaleups has been the support offered by Austrade’s global Landing Pad program – a program designed to provide assistance to local companies looking to break into the global market.

We are delighted to have accepted an invitation from Austrade to participate in the San Francisco based program this year. Throughout the month of March, Next World will setup an operational base inside the bustling technological hub of San Francisco, during the peak of Web 3.0 evolution. This new workspace will position Next World next to other innovators, service providers, technology investors and established companies, allowing us to mingle and draw upon a rich environment of skills and talent. Additionally to the workspace, introductions to the Austrade customer networks, partners and contacts will be made, as well as the opportunity for our team to attend seminars and workshops offering insights on capitalising in the lucrative US market.

In preparation for the trip, Next World Founder & CEO Michael O’Reilly had this to say.. “Web 3.0, the Metaverse and skilling the workforce are converged at the perfect time for Next World. Our Localisation software engine is allowing us to operate no matter what language is spoken, perfectly supporting our business model”.

On the back of our successful entry into the U.K. and UAE markets last year, this offering from Austrade directly aligns with our ready to go US market strategy.

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About the Company

Next World is a SaaS Edtech focussed on workplace learning. Next World is disrupting the 400 Billion$ eLearning and LMS market with its virtual reality technology that includes a modern VR Learning Management System (Platform) and an off the shelf library of ready made, grab and go VR workplace learning experiences. Next World is 5 years in the making and already has international customers (US/UK/NZ/UAE/Europe) that include Fortune 500 and ASX Top 100 names. There are 2 revenue streams with a third to be launched in 2022 with our open marketplace where 3rd parties can sell their content, like a VR learning App store.

The LMS and eLearning space is mature and ripe for disruption as its known to be ineffective while Next World’s solution is immersive, engaging and delivers materially better learning outcomes.

Innovation and technology are at the forefront of modern workplaces like no other time in history; with scientifically proven learning efficiencies now available through virtual reality-based methods, a Next World opportunity is upon us. We embrace cognitive neuroscience, the way people learn and meld it with VR technology to bring

never seen before gains to workplace learning, engagement, and safety performance.

At a time where the Metaverse is taking shape, where workplaces need to better  engage their workers, Next World offers an opportunity to access the Web3 landgrab.

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