Novapep now has a complete Peptide Mimetic of Activated Protein C

Prof John Griffin of the Scripps Research Institute and a co-founder of Novapep has a developed a linked form of P1, which Novapep licensed in 2017, and P3.  The bivalently linked peptide is called G10 and it generates synergistic anti-inflammatory and cytoprotective cell-signalling which is significantly greater than co-administered P1 and P3.

The Company has licensed the G10 PCT patent from the Scripps and Novapep has also filed a use patent for P1 in inflammatory skin disorders.

In 2020, Novapep undertook a P1 in atopic dermatitis study which showed that the P1 efficacy was as good as cortico steroids, but with none of the side effects.  Professor Richard Payne, Novapep’s Chief Scientific Officer, is currently undertaking a study of G10 in atopic dermatitis and Professor Stuart Brierley will undertake animal studies of G10 in anti-inflammatory and analgesic colitis models of inflammatory bowel disease in Q2/2021.

Novapep is currently raising $500,000 on a pre-money valuation of $4.5 million to fund animal studies and regulatory activities towards a Phase 1 trial.

About Novapep Pty Ltd

Novapep was founded by Prof John Griffin of The Scripps Research Institute, San Diego and Jay Hennock, founder and CEO of Bioatrix, Sydney to develop new peptide structures, which are anti-inflammatory, cytoprotective and analgesic for the treatment of atopic dermatitis and psoriasis/inflammatory skin disorders (‘ISD’) and inflammatory bowel disease/irritable bowel syndrome (‘IBD’). Prof Richard Payne, University of Sydney, has recently become Novapep’s Chief Scientific Officer.

Novapep has been approached by two global pharmaceutical companies wishing to explore partnering/out-licensing. Before entering negotiations, the Company is seeking $500,000 to secure additional patents and animal study data.

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