Noviscient Closes Venture Round & Announces Launch of Fund

Noviscient Limited is please to announce the close of the final Venture Capital investment round in May, 2020 and the upcoming launch of the Noviscient Pure Alpha Fund on July 1st, 2020.

Through the past four years, Noviscient has built a FinTech platform to re-imagine investment management. Through machine learning risk algorithms and working with proven alpha generating investment partners globally, Noviscient has produced a backtested return of +23.34% CAGR with a Volatility of 8% over the past years.

The live fund will begin trading next month. For those early investors in the live trading system, Noviscient is offering Founder Class Shares of 0% management fees and 10% performance fees to accredited investors. Only for early investors, from that point forward, Noviscient will open a 2% management fee and 20% performance fee share class for later accredited investors.

We have decided to launch during the COVID-19 crisis in order to build a track record. Our business planned for a large, global launch involving a global roadshow to institutional investors. Instead, we now want to get out trading in the market and prove our systems now – particularly since the trading system was positive (+5.07%) during the March financial crisis when the global markets were down ~20%.



About Noviscient

Noviscient is using technology to unlock capacity in the best new and innovative hedge funds to give investors superior returns at lower cost and with less risk.

Superior returns come from innovative fund managers applying new approaches and technologies to market opportunities, rather than from the large brand-name funds. However, the current industry structure makes it difficult to access these innovative managers.

  • Investors find it time-consuming and costly to identify and get access to skillful fund managers and so they default back to big funds with the best marketing.
  • Similarly, skillful fund managers find it very difficult to cut through the noise and attract investors, while having to bear the increasing operational and regulatory costs of running a fund.

Noviscient is using technology to disrupt the industry and unlock capacity in these innovative fund managers. Our platform provides access to real-time trading information that is used by our proprietary algorithms to quickly and accurately identify the most skillful fund managers. The efficiency of our platform dramatically reduces costs for both investors and fund managers. And we are able to dynamically combine investment in these fund managers to create bespoke solutions that perfectly fit investor requirements.

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