Nvoi (ASX: NVO) Signs First Corporate Client, Integrated Research

Nvoi is pleased to announce Integrated Research as a new Corporate Client on the Nvoi digital platform. This comes just three months after Nvoi launched its enhanced end to end platform.


  • Integrated Research has commenced listing a number of pilot active roles.
  • Nvoi will work with Integrated Research to optimise platform processes to deliver corporate client expectations.
  • This model of piloting roles, and then expanding, is being offered to all corporate clients to help transition them from the traditional manual process to Nvoi’s digital self-service approach.
  • Nvoi’s dual strategy of strategic account focus and scaling SME’s, continues to drive month on month revenue growth with strong progress between March and June.
  • Appointment of Oliver Spiers as Nvoi’s Head of Sales.

Heidi Newbury, Director of HR for Integrated Research, says “In support of delivering on our growth strategy, working with Nvoi opened up new avenues for obtaining skills in a simple to use, cost effective process.”

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