Octagon Strategy Featured at Several Global Conferences & Major Media Publications Including Bloomberg, The Washington Post, CNBC & More

Octagon Strategy Limited is the largest digital asset OTC trading desk in the APAC region. They facilitate the buying and selling of digital assets including bitcoin, ether, and ripple. The team comprises of seasoned professionals in banking technology and financial trading which grants them a unique blend of market insight, network of relationships, trading acumen and sophisticated trading strategies. By sustaining deep pools of liquidity, Octagon is able to offer competitive pricing and unlimited global, same-day settlement options.

With excellent market understanding, the Octagon team is often invited to speak at global conferences, and has been featured in major media publications such as Bloomberg, The Washington Post, CNBC, CoinDesk and more.

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Octagon Strategy Limited is a privately-owned company specializing in commodity and digital asset trading across international markets.

We combine over 25 years of experience in the finance industry with our market insights, network of relationships, trading acumen, and sophisticated trading strategies.

We are focused on generating absolute returns by trading and investing our capital strategically. We seek to capitalize on opportunities by leveraging our experience with state of the art proprietary technology and risk management capabilities.