OMX-Solutions OsseoFrame presented to the ANZAOAMS (Aust & NZ Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons) annual congress

With more than 70 delegates from Australia and New Zealand in attendance, Dr George Dimistroulis (Surgeon and Founder OMX-Solutions) joined a world-renowned international faculty to present on the initial findings of the first 16 implantations of the OsseoFrame.

Interest from surgeons was from all corners of the map from both NZ and Australian surgeons and their interest was across the range of products manufactured by OMX-Solutions including the TMJ Replacement, OsseoFrame and the Custom Plate and surgical planning options.  Surgeons were particularly impressed and commented on the high quality of the products, the attentionto regulatory and quality management systems, the size and experience of the team (now more than 200 devices manufactured) and the very simple process to engage with OMX-Solutions to create the devices.

 OMX-Solutions General Manager Mick Shaddock said “we were kept very busy after Dr Dimitroulis’ presentation with strong interest from a large number of surgeons, six of whom also attended an interactive digital workshop held by OMX-Solutions on the Saturday morning.”

OMX-Solutions busy calendar of events continues in a weeks time with attendance at the APDA (Aust. Dental Prosthetists  Assoc.) to be held in Brisbane from Tuesday 20th to Friday 23rd August.


About OMX Solutions

OMX Solutions creates breakthrough medical devices for Craniomaxillofacial surgery, helping patients requiring implants due to jaw arthritis, insufficient bone to fit dental implants, cancer and trauma victims requiring jaw and bone replacement. Utilising our proprietary digital planning processes and 3D printed additive manufacturing we address global markets with proven surgical products and devices that are game-changers in our field.

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