One on One Interview with Founder of ECS Capital – Charles Sidman

Sidney Macdessi sits with Charles Sidman, the founder and managing partner of U.S. based Venture Capital firm ECS Capital Partners, LLC, to discuss the active investor mindset and process of due diligence.

Sidney and Charles discuss:

  • Investing in DeepTech/BioTech/MedTech
  • The Advantages of a Scientific Background When Investing
  • His 4 Stages of Due Diligence
  • The Importance of Multi-Stage Investing

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About ECS Capital Partners

ECS Capital Partners is a venture capital firm investing globally in innovative seed and growth-stage deep-tech companies that promise high financial return and positive human, social or environmental impact (especially in health, sustainable energy and materials, food/Ag, education, communication, transportation, fintech, etc.). Due to a unique structure and operating style, ECS is itself innovative and impactful, completely investor-focused, highly networked and collaborative, globally active, evergreen, and offers individualized account management for accredited individual and institutional investors of all sizes. We are passionately committed, diligent, creative, confident yet humble.

For individuals or entities not presently participating in or obtaining adequate results from this asset class, due to constraints of experience, access, finances or time, perceptions of risk, or the systemic impediments to smaller investors’ success, ECS provides a diversified, multi-stage, professionally managed but individually shaped portfolio of high-return impact investments. Broadly based but critically selected and managed, such a portfolio approaches an “Intelligent Index Fund” for this asset class.

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