Opal Biosciences Ltd CEO Interview

With the rise in antibiotic resistance, new effective treatments have the potential to be life-saving.Opal Biosciences Limited (“Opal”) is an innovative player in infectious disease treatment. Opal is an Australian biotechnology company committed to tackling a serious global health threat. Our technologies target human infection: a high growth, commercially attractive market segment.

The unmet need for new anti-infectives is due to increasing resistance to existing antibiotics, more widespread and common difficult-to-treat infections, and the paucity of upcoming new treatments. This need has spurred the EU and US to introduce significant financial incentives to encourage development of new anti-infectives.

Our commercial objective is to outlicence or sell our products to a larger pharmaceutical company for final clinical trials and marketing (or beforehand). The growth in number and value of acquisitions of anti-infective technologies internationally is driven by larger companies being drawn back to the anti-infectives market segment by its growing attractiveness, and the need to buy innovation with their own R&D pipelines dry. The most recent was the acquisition of Cubist Inc by Merck & Co in November 2014 in a deal reported as $US8.4bn.

Please listen to Opal Biosciences’ Managing Director, Julie Phillips below.