Opuz Wins 3rd place Out of 1000 Entries

The Opuz wearable ring enjoyed an excellent result last week in a Chinese technology innovation competition. High level details were:

– “The 2021 global innovation & entrepreneurship competition on high end manufacturing” sponsored by Shandong Province for global competitors
– More than 1,000 applications were received for the first round, including over 100 competitors from outside of China
– 247 competitors made the second round
– 16 competitors made the third and final round
– Opuz was award 3rd place

This was an outstanding result from our team on the ground in China, and bodes well for our strategy for this market.

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About Opuz

Opuz is a wearable monitoring ring that is a revolution in diabetes technology.

In a recent clinical study Opuz demonstrated that it has the potential to replace both traditional and modern methods of blood glucose measurement.

How? Opuz is:

  • Convenient. Opuz is a continuous glucose measurement (CGM) ring that replaces traditional finger prick tests and CGM meters. Unlike current market leaders, Opuz is entirely pain free, non-invasive and involves no needles, accessories or mess.
  • Intuitive. The Opuz ring connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. Users can access up-to-date blood glucose (BG) data via the app to check their levels anywhere, anytime.
  • Precise. In a recent clinical study of Opuz for use in management of type 2 diabetes, the data collected by Opuz clearly proved to be more accurate than the leading CGM meter. In this way, Opuz also usurps wearable competitors.
  • Affordable. Opuz is estimated to more than halve current monitoring costs

We are currently working on developing our prototype into a ready for production model.

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