Over 120% Sales Increase Since Launching of New Programs – Like a Gym Membership for the Kids BUT BETTER

Learning Pod Group, a Leader in Education, has announced significant sales growth since they utilised a new business model – a new indoor play centre model.

Since launching new zones at the beginning of the year within learning Pod’s traditional indoor play centre, focusing on social skills, emotional regulation, fine and gross motor skills, and imaginative play, combined with a $1 per day membership for the children, sales have skyrocketed to over 120% increase, month in, month out. In 2022 alone, Learning Pod has generated more than $1.6M in revenue.

The team of the Learning Pod Group has addressed what they are seeing to be a huge problem: children of today are growing up with low social skills, a lack of confidence and high anxiety. Learning Pod has specifically designed a formula to provide a mixture of activities and experiences to enhance children’s key developmental milestones.

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This has been achieved with the Group’s new Miniature Land, focusing on these skills with a combination of carefully designed daily activities, highlighting each key development focus, such as emotional regulation or community awareness.

Learning Pod reports that nearly every day, they are at capacity within its centre, and the model is working to scale. The community has spoken – Learning Pod needs to scale up, and the Group is ready.

Learning Pod is looking for investment to duplicate their centres and start to build their new AI parenting application.

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