Oz Medicann Group’s Health and Wellness Division Hemp Oz launches Australia’s first all-natural Hemp Hand Sanitiser with Medical Grade Colloidal Silver.

Want MORE from your hand sanitiser – Hemp Oz has the answer

With the easing of restrictions hand sanitiser sales continue to grow, and hand hygiene is still on the top of everyone’s mind.  Since Covid-19 hit we have seen a surge in the number of alcohol-based sanitisers in the market. Although alcohol-based hand sanitisers are effective they can also be harsh on the skin leaving your hands dry and stripped of the natural oils that offer protection from the nasties of every- day life.  While these have been effective to-date many of us are now looking for alternate ways to sanitise, protect and moisturise.

With all that’s happening in the world today it’s nice to know that someone has you covered.

Hemp Oz is excited to announce the release of Australia’s first Hemp Hand Sanitiser with Medical Grade Silver. This all-natural hand sanitiser brings together the most powerful anti-bacterial and antiseptic ingredients that nature has to offer and is so much More than a sanitiser. It’s formulated using Medical Grade Colloidal Silver and a blend of the most potent essential oils in natures arsenal. Hemp Oz Hemp Hand Sanitiser is 100% organic, free of alcohol, gentle on the skin, intensely moisturising and offers long lasting protection without stripping natural oils from your hands.

Hemp Oz Hemp Hand Sanitiser is available in two formulations one herbal which captures the essence of oregano, rosemary, cloves and cinnamon and one botanical which embodies the scent of Australian Botanicals and citrus.

Hemp Oz cares about the environment and is committed to a sustainable future. The Hemp Oz Hemp Hand Sanitiser comes in an elegant 100ml reusable glass bottle which sets itself apart from most options on the market.  Equally perfect on the bathroom shelf, the kitchen, the office or simply popped in the handbag. Hemp Oz Hemp Hand Sanitiser is luxurious enough to take anywhere.

Simply spritz a generous amount of Hemp Oz Hemp Hand Sanitiser serum into hands and massage well. You will be protected no matter where you are.

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