Paperless B2B Trader Collaboration Platform | $1.7T of Unmet Trade Finance Demand | CEO Represents Australia in International Organisations

“NeXTRADE’s mission, research, and services directly align with the World Customs Organisation (WCO) vision to modernise the core, connect digital and physical realities, and expand the horizon.

Achieving these requires identifying the main events that typically occur in an end-to-end cargo journey, recording this data once from the source, and reusing source data to enable border agencies and businesses to obtain a transparent and real-time view of goods journeys. We are creating ‘digital twins’ as a virtual representation of the physical to monitor or simulate processes.

Join us in our journey of identifying collaboration and data sharing opportunities across ecosystems.”

Ian Watt, CEO, NeXTRADE World

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Executive Summary

NeXTRADE is an open standard ‘paperless’ international cross-border trade SaaS product. It enables micro, small, and medium enterprises to dynamically engage in international supply chains, avoiding major CAPEX trading partner integration costs and supply chain lock-in.

NeXTRADE is developing a global trader collaboration platform based on recognised international standards for digitalising cross-border international supply chains.

The company serves physical goods traders and related service providers. It helps with freight forwarding, logistics, trade financing, and insurance, including business interaction with government agencies such as customs. It supports international trade with data that parties in the supply chain can reuse for various trade-related purposes.

Investment Highlights

  • NeXTRADE’s CEO is the Bureau Vice-Chair at the Sustainable International Supply Chain Programme Development Area, United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. He has 50+ years of experience in international trade and technologies.
  • With its team in Australia and Ireland, NeXTRADE works closely with international bodies such as WCO, UNECE, UN/CEFACT, UNESCAP, UNNExT, and GS1. It leverages a global network of UNECE-recognised experts developed over the founder’s 25-year pro bono contribution to the development of globally applicable trade facilitation standards.
  • NeXTRADE’s ‘paperless’ international trade process has successfully facilitated Australian wine and Lao coffee to the EU.
  • There is $1.7T worth of unmet trade finance demand. As per the Asian Development Bank, 365 to 445 million MSMEs in emerging markets face barriers to participation in trade finance.
  • NeXTRADE’s financial modelling positions the company for IPO or acquisition.
  • NeXTRADE plans to digitalise the supply chain and logistics process as aligned with the WCO vision.
  • NeXTRADE will be allocating A$1.45M for its international standards-based MVP platform development positioning for ‘digital twins’. The company bridges border agencies and businesses obtaining a transparent and real-time view of supply chain logistics.

Investment Offering

NeXTRADE is raising A$2M in exchange for 15% in equity to continue software and business development.

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