Parrot Analytics Ltd – CEO Interview

Parrot Analytics is developing next-generation technology to help TV/film content producers, buyers, sellers and advertisers understand global demand for content and accurately predict future country-specific content performance. It does this with a unique technology platform that captures digital content consumption data from hundreds of millions of people (from 249 countries), and a data science platform that is introducing the industry’s first and only country-specific, demand rating for TV and film content prior to the content’s release.

Specifically, the company is working with global content buyers to help them discover the most in-demand content in their target territory (prior to the content’s release); enabling them to acquire the right content, negotiate the best prices, and subsequently maximize the monetization of the content via precise and effective programming and advertising. The applications extend to all types of content buyers across different segments, from Cable networks to PayTV and OTT platforms.

Parrot Analytics also work with content sellers to understand geographic-specific demand for their pre-release titles; allowing them to sell content for the highest prices in each country and accurately predict how successful each title will be in every country around the world. Again the applications here extend to all types of content sellers across different segments, from content producers to aggregators and distributors.

Being able to accurately predict future content performance around the world has a number of other multi-billion dollar applications. The company’s technology can also be applied to film, games, software, e-books and music content.

Please listen to Parrot Analytics CEO and Director, Mr Wared Seger to find out more.