Radium Capital

Radium Capital


Radium is a simple idea conceived by a team of Australian fintech entrepreneurs and brought to life in 2016.

Identifying the difficulty in balancing cashflow whilst running a successful R&D program, we developed a platform that turns a traditionally complex financial product into one which is now readily accessible to Australian companies undertaking R&D programs.

Radium quickly assesses businesses applicability for a Radium Advance offering, providing approval within two business days and funding within a further three business days.

Some of our highlights since launching in 2017 include:

  • Advances to date range from $10,000 up to $6.4M, with an average of $235,000.
  • 83% of all applicants are approved and funded.
  • 30% of clients return for repeat advances.
  • Information Technology is the largest industry by volume of advances and Mining is the largest by dollars advanced.

Our goal? Simple. To be the number one provider of R&D finance in Australia.