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REAL Impact

REAL Impact

REAL IMPACT partners, nurtures and grows social impact brands and businesses, creating viable shared ecosystems that are inclusive, equitable, sustainable and commercially successful.

A pioneer in the ‘for profit for purpose’ impact investment sector, REAL is an implementation partner that provides a bespoke brand and business approach. We incubate, accelerate and capacity-build social enterprises with a view to exit once the enterprise or project is sustainable.

As experts in brand and business strategy, early-stage development and leveraging Intellectual Property we have collaborated with Fortune 500 organisations across the globe with outstanding results.

REAL has a proprietary 360-degree process and minimum viable business (MVB®) model that yields maximum results with reduced cost structures, designed to be scaled globally.

REAL fills a gap in the market for early stage, for-profit social enterprises. Our approach is sensitive and human-focused, and our implementation model prioritises applied learning and mentoring programs. Our vision for global transformation through empowering and supporting the change-makers of the future is both inspiring and pragmatic in our ability to execute.

REAL is developing a B2B e-marketplace (supply/demand) throughout the Pacific to drive development outcomes for the informal economy, initially in the creative industries. REAL takes a system’s thinking approach and is inherently holistic in its process.