World First

World First

Need to make a currency transfer?

Whether you need to pay a mortgage overseas, repatriate overseas earnings to a bank account back home, or you’re doing business across borders, you’ll want to find a way that could save you time and money.

Save time and money

Most people will ask their bank to transfer their money overseas, unaware that there’s an alternative which could offer competitive exchange rates and high levels of customer service.

Wholesale Investor has teamed up with World First, the award-winning international payments company, to provide great exchange rates that mean your money could go much further compared to using your bank.

Plus, you get access to an easy-to-use online platform that lets you deal around the clock. You’ll always speak to a real person – never a machine, who’s there to provide you with help and assistance when you need it.

Any other benefits?

As well as the great rates and service, you’ll also benefit from fast international payments, low fees and a free rate alert service.

Regular payments

With World First, you can set up your payments to be made automatically so you don’t need to lift a finger. You can fix a rate so you know what the rate will be in advance or simply take the rate on the day every month.

A range of products

  • Spot contracts – the best exchange rate on the day; ideal if you need the money sent straightaway.
  • Forward contracts – Fix an exchange rate for a payment up to two years ahead. This means the rate is fixed, regardless of exchange rate movements.
  • Currency options – A made-to-measure currency option could give you the protection of fixing rate for a date in the future, whilst also allowing you to benefit from the upside if the market moves in your favour.

Start saving time and money on your international payments.

To enquire or sign up for World First please click on the button below and you will be taken to our short form. Once completed you will be directed to World First.

About World First

World First is market-leading, award-winning, rapidly-growing international FinTech business. Experts in international currencies and money transfers, World First combines specialist knowledge of foreign exchange markets with technological innovation to help individuals and businesses manage international currency payments quickly, securely and transparently. A specialist alternative to traditional banks’ generalist approach, World First has successfully exchanged more than £26bn for over 78,000 individuals and businesses since 2004. World First’s corporate and e-commerce desks enable SMEs and online marketplace traders to expand internationally via a specialist and personalised service proposition and tailored technology.

World First employs over 450 people across 6 international offices of London, Sydney, Amsterdam, Texas, Singapore and Hong Kong with plans for further expansion into new countries.