Patented neurotech company’s SAFE round passes target as H1/2021 revenue exceeds total for 2020

Sensate by Bioself Technology saw 600% YoY growth in revenue with monthly sales now exceeding £180k / AUD 335k. The company is raising £750k / AUD 1.4m and have already exceeded the lower target of £220k / AUD 410k.

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9 out of 10 users prefer Sensate as this inventive digital+device solution tops survey

90.5% of survey respondents said Sensate worked as well or better than prescribed medication, meditation, lifestyle changes or other technology devices for stress, anxiety or insomnia. These three issues form a massive and growing global crisis with few viable solutions – Sensate has proven effective and much loved by users as a unique and inventive consumer solution.

People who are unable to follow a meditation practice vastly outnumber people who are able to meditate. There are no accurate figures, but according to the CDC 75% of doctor visits are due to stress, 80% of people say they are stressed at work says the American Institute of Stress and 83% feel their mental health has worsened since Covid (source: YoungMinds 2020).

BioSelf Technology is on a mission to bring profound calm-on-demand to the mainstream consumer and is open to visionary investors looking to make the world a better place.

The company, based in London and LA, offers preferential terms on the SAFE (simple agreements for future equity), already supported by two US VC’s and a number of international accredited investors.

About Bioself Technology Ltd

Bioself Technology is the maker of Sensate, a consumer product addressing the enormous and generally unresolved problem of stress and stress-related conditions in an innovative and extremely effective way.

Based on decades of experience working with stress and trauma-related conditions, Sensate brings a vagus nerve toning device and app system to the market that empowers people to improve their wellbeing, reduce stress and increase resilience.

Combining existing science and extensive clinical experience with pioneering deployment of technology, Sensate offers a powerful new mode of treatment sessions to the wider consumer market, outside of exclusive clinics.

We have a product that genuinely works, a very healthy hardware+subscription model, good traction, outstanding usage/engagement numbers, and a very strong global growth plan.

– Sales YoY +600% (2019 $200k → sales 2020 $1.2M).
– Q1/21 +150% up on Q4/21 w/o any further investment
– Over 50% of total user base is active + strong organic
– Good unit economics on low volumes, excluding subscription revenues that come in this year
– Patent & trademarks now granted
– Impact roadmap helping millions of lives and supports building a strong global brand
– Website: (launched in December). We also recently launched on Amazon

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