Peer Estate Fully Funds 9 New Loans in Under 12 Months with Returns of up to 17%

Peer Estate is a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform for real estate debt.

Peer Estate has fully funded 9 new loans in under 12 months since launching in late 2016. We have provided our wholesale investors with returns ranging from 7% to 17% from investments as low as $5,000. Over 300 investors have signed up in this time and overwhelming demand saw our most recent $2.5m loan fully funded in just two hours on the day of release.

As a new peer to peer platform, the next 12 months will see further technology development and new staff hires as the business grows.


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Peer Estate is a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform for real estate debt. We allow real estate borrowers and investors to engage with each other in a transparent process.

For investors, we offer competitive, stable returns, starting with as little as $5,000. For borrowers, we provide fast and efficient funding for real estate projects.

We have done this successfully for many years in the “old” world, and are now harnessing technology to bring the model to a larger audience. The founders of Peer Estate are highly experienced in this sector, and the company was seed funded by established real estate investment management firm, Qualitas.