Pelikin adds ‘Build Your Own’ Travel Insurance product

Continuously evolving to cater for the millennial travellers, Pelikin has bolstered the city’s recently travel insurance product to now allow its customers to create customized policies based on what they are doing when they travel and what they take with them.

Pelikin customers can first buy one of 3 insurance policies and then build up their policy by adding up to 10 optional extras. This means that Pellikin customers will never pay for cover that they don’t need, making the Pelikin travel insurance product a unique proposition within the market.

Following an extensive market and customer research, the young startup identified 2 major problems when it comes to their customers and travel insurance. A staggering 46% of millennials in a recent survey declared they don’t bother buying travel insurance, not because they don’t think they need, but rather they don’t understand what they’re getting when they buy it. They link Travel Insurance to being ripped off and that is what the Pelikin team are working to fix.

Pelikin offers the following extra packs for its customers :

  • Mobile Phone & Device Pack
  • Car Rental Pack
  • Adventure Sports Pack
  • Snow Sports Pack
  • Golf Pack
  • Bicycle Pack
  • Business Pack
  • Pregnancy Pack
  • Cruise Ship Pack

With customer acquisition growing significantly month on month, Pelikin now is expecting to see further growth as it prepares to promote and distribute it’s broadened value proposition. The startup is now firmly placed in the market as not only a better alternative to dated travel card products but now a more flexible and affordable alternative to traditional travel insurance product.

The Pelikin isn’t taking their foot off the accelerator with many new partnerships and product add-ons scheduled for release before the end of the year.

To check out the Pelikin product you can download the Pelikin App from their website ( and more information about the Travel Insurance product can be found in the Pelikin CRIISP Deal Room.


About Pelikin

Pelikin is a multi-currency free banking app and pre-paid Visa card for young travellers. It helps millennials spend, send and manage their cash money overseas, without bank fees or annoying red tape. After nailing down partnerships with Heritage Bank (ADI) and Visa, and following a successful global product beta, the Melbourne fintech is set to launch in Q4 2019.

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