Pelikin lands big partnerships to increase product value

Fast-growing Australian FinTech Pelikin, lands partnership with large and small worldwide travel and consumer businesses, to provide their customers with a variety of discount codes for relevant products and services.

Partnerships secured include:

⦁ Emirates
⦁ Expedia
⦁ Booktopia
⦁ The Yacht Week
⦁ The Ski Week
⦁ Sports Where I Am
⦁ Entourage Tours
⦁ Gray Line Tours
⦁ Budgy Smuggler
⦁ Crumpler
⦁ The Iconic

The Melbourne based startup officially launched its multi-currency payments app and Pelikin prepaid Visa travel card in early 2019 and has already seen cardholders take Pelikin to over 50 countries since that time. However, they didn’t stop there,

The idea of their new ‘Squad Perks’ feature not only rewards their current members but also entices potential customers to sign up to their product in exchange for discounts off other companies products and services and the growth rate has been an outstanding success as many organisations, large and small, have been jumping on board to be a part of the campaign. Including the already secured partners being….

Since the initial launch, Pelikin has expanded its product range but transitioning its App from a ‘Travel Card Wallet’ into a multi-purpose all-inclusive travel platform by adding additional features such as Travel Insurance packages and now launching their ‘Squad Perks’ feature.
All brands were carefully chosen based on reputability, credibility, relevance and attraction.

Pelikin devised the idea of introducing ‘Squad Perks’ after listening and speaking to their target audience which is young Australian travellers when undergoing numerous workshops. Within these workshops they soon realised young and first-time travellers find difficulties in planning, budgeting, and organizing their travel exhibitions. Australians aged 20-30 disregard vital necessities such as travel insurance due to the efforts it takes in sieving through the small print and the additional costs that come alongside it. This is when Pelikin noticed this gap in the marketplace and introduced their variety of travel insurance products, which are made accessible for purchase on their App. Additionally, the attraction of discounts and cheap services was also made apparent within the workshops, which led Pelikin in with the idea of creating their ‘Squad Perks’ feature.

Pelikin is not only currently seeking more partners to be a part of their ‘Squad Perks’ campaign, but also already have organisations in the pipeline preparing to go live in the soon upcoming months of 2020.


About Pelikin

Pelikin is a multi-currency free banking app and pre-paid Visa card for young travellers. It helps millennials spend, send and manage their cash money overseas, without bank fees or annoying red tape. After nailing down partnerships with Heritage Bank (ADI) and Visa, and following a successful global product beta, the Melbourne fintech is set to launch in Q4 2019.

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