Pelikin launches travel insurance product into the Pelikin App. Funding round open and 20% of $2 million goal has already been fulfilled

In just three months (Agreement signed in September) we have launched our long awaited travel insurance product into the Pelikin App. We’re pumped to be able to offer this product to our Pelikin Squad and we’ve built this one with the help of our early adopters and waitlisters!

Young Aussies HATE paying stuff period, but they REALLY HATE paying for stuff that they don’t need!

We’ve built Pelikin Travel Insurance so that they’ll never have to pay for cover they don’t need.

Step 1: Choose from 3 base cover options (Saver, Basic or Comprehensive)
Step 2: Add your optional extras (10 available!)

Snowboarding in Japan? Add the Snow Pack
Ameatur Photographer? Add the Device Pack
Baby on board? Add the Pregnancy Pack

This addition broadens the Pelikin value proposition and our acquisition reach and will serve as a valuable ancillary source of revenue on top of our travel card revenue.
You can check it out HERE or simply open your Pelikin App to view it in the flesh.

Our cap raise to fuel growth is still open!

Our funding round is well and truly opened and every week I’m speaking with and meeting people who are keen to learn more. As you know we’ve secured 20% of our $2million goal and all the funds we’re raising will, for the most part, be injected into growing our business.

We’ve done the heavy building, it’s now time to get the Pelikin card in as many people’s hands as we can and to offer them our full suite of products. This is the motive behind our raise and we’re looking forward to closing it out as soon as we can so we can get busy growing our brand, product and most of all our customer base.

You can contact me directly to talk about Pelikin and the raise on email (reply to this one) or on my mobile +61 0431800477.


About Pelikin

Pelikin is a multi-currency free banking app and pre-paid Visa card for young travellers. It helps millennials spend, send and manage their cash money overseas, without bank fees or annoying red tape. After nailing down partnerships with Heritage Bank (ADI) and Visa, and following a successful global product beta, the Melbourne fintech is set to launch in Q4 2019.

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