Plane Characters Productions Partners with Little Dot Studios, a Global Digital Broadcaster with 6 Billion Monthly Views

Plane Characters Productions is excited to announce the signing of a two-year distribution and promotion deal with global digital broadcaster Little Dot Studios.

The deal will authorise Little Dot Studios, which has an impressive six Billion organic monthly views, to distribute ‘Let’s Go See’ episodes and a new pipeline of content across their Wizz, Wizz Explorer and Nugget YouTube channels, part of their Kids and Family network.

Little Dot Studios Secured Partnership Deal with Plane Characters Productions

As Plane Characters Productions (PCP) create more content, Little Dot Studios will host a dedicated ‘Let’s Go See’ channel on their global platform.

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The global exposure provided by this deal will grow the ‘Let’s Go See’ brand, increase its brand recognition and educational message worldwide.

Further investment is currently being sought to finance new content for this exciting global distribution deal.

Details of our current investment opportunity can be found on the Wholesale Investor and CRIISP Platform.

Wizz Episodes by Plane Characters Productions

About Plane Characters Productions Limited

Operating in the animation, EdTech, merchandising and mobile app global growth markets, Plane Characters Productions (PCP) has developed a diverse range of products for the Let’s Go See brand delivering multiple revenue streams.

PCP has recently signed a two-year promotion and distribution deal with Little Dot Studios who will feature Let’s Go See on their global broadcast network, a network with combined monthly views in excess of 2.4 Billion.

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