Podcast is NOW LIVE – AI for Project Success

Newsarticle from Endeavour:

“After a few months of preparation and development, I’m thrilled announce the launch of Endeavour Programme‘s new podcast, AI for Project Success.

This project was born out of our desire to bring together some of the most experienced and innovative minds in the industry to discuss how we can use technology to advance and improve how we’ve always done things in the project managementconstruction and business sectors.

We’re hoping this podcast not only gives you ideas on how to apply technology innovations to improve your business, but also brings together people in the industry to discuss how we tackle some of the challenges that are facing all of us and the industry a whole.

The initial release of podcasts on our channel include a discussion with our AI guru and Octant AI developer, Cuong Quang, as well as a conversation with Nick Deeks, the managing director of WT Partnerships on adapting for innovation, and our Managing Director David Porter, discussing industry disruption and how to implement technology from a business perspective. We will be releasing one podcast per month, with a host of industry experts from Australia and the UK in the line-up.

We hope you enjoy AI for Project Success as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. We encourage you to share this with your network, and we welcome your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch at info@endeavourprogramme.com if you’d like to contribute to the podcast in the future.”

About Endeavour Programme

Endeavour Programme’s artificial intelligence platform mitigates time and cost overruns on projects. Our world-first technology Octant AI, predicts problems on major projects faster, earlier and over 200% more accurately, allowing users to make better decisions earlier. We harness the power of project data to improve performance in a $10 trillion global industry. We are the vanguard of a paradigm change.

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