Polyline Pipe Systems Delivers Major Milestone in Mobile HDPE Pipe Extrusion System

Extruder fully mounted & mobile – Commercial contracts strategy to commence

Perth, Western Australia: 2 June 2021: Polyline Pipe Systems Limited (PPS, the Company) is pleased to announce that it has delivered a major milestone in the development of its unique, disruptive High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe extruding system, with the full mobilisation of the system now completed at its facility in Jandakot, Western Australia.

Please see the following link to a short video of the fully mounted, mobile HDPE pipe extruder system: Mobile Video.MOV

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PPS aims to be a major disruptor in the global HDPE pipe market. HDPE pipe is the industry standard for the transfer of liquids and is widely used in major agriculture, infrastructure, water and mining projects globally.

PPS has developed a modularised and mobile HDPE pipe manufacturing and extrusion system, which can lay pipe to required specifications on-site. It is able to deliver better quality, and more time and cost-effective pipe than traditionally manufactured HDPE pipe, which is factory produced and cut to lengths to allow transportation via long-haul truck to site where the pipe is manually laid and welded at regular intervals.

PPS’s mobile pipe installation is smooth and continuous with minimal welds, has no transport costs and limited labour costs, and can operate on a 24/7 basis.

Up to this point, the system has been modularised and operational in four custom-fitted shipping containers. Now the system has been fully mobilised with the development and construction of a road-approved, heavy-duty, state-of-the-art trailer system.

This represents and major milestone and advancement in the development of PPS’s HDPE pipe producing and extrusion system. Now that the system is fully mounted and mobile, the Company will progress its new business pipeline to the next stage by taking the system to project sites to produce, extrude and install pipe directly in to the required location, and to the required specifications, for potential clients. To date, PPS had only been able to showcase the disruptive capabilities of its system via the static extrusion of pipe at its head-office facility.

Over the coming months, PPS plans to conduct a number of trials for potential clients in real working environments, on-site at their projects, as a pre-cursor to entering into commercial contracts for its HDPE pipe extruding system.

Polyline Pipe Systems managing director Ian Dorrington said;

“The successful mobilisation of our HDPE pipe extruding system is one of our major achievements in its development to date. It represents the coming together of the two key components of the system – the containerised and modularised extruding technology, with a state-of-the-art custom-built trailer – to bring our vision of a fully mobile HDPE pipe extruding operation to fruition. From this point, we will be aggressively pursuing our commercialisation strategy to deliver commercial contracts and revenues to the business.”

About Polyline Pipe Systems Ltd

Polyline Pipe Systems (PPS) patented mobile pipe extruder can potentially disrupt the multi-billion dollar high density polyethylene (HDPE) global pipe market. The extruder has significant points of difference and sustainable competitive advantages relative to the conventional approach, and include –

  1. Manufacture and install continuous lengths of HDPE pipes from a mobile platform, tailored precisely to client specifications at the exact pipeline location.
  2. High quality durable end product with structural integrity complete, due to a material drop in handling/welding requirements, with rapid installation achievable.

PPS is accelerating efforts to rapidly commercialise the platform, and focusing on an eventual global roll out to customers across several core sectors – infrastructure, agriculture, water, mining and oil and gas.
The technology is highly cost efficient, mobile, and delivers a bundled solution simultaneously, which underpins the potential ability to create material value for shareholders.

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