Pooled Mortgage Trust delivers 11.22% return

Private Mortgages Australia, a boutique Mortgage Manager specialising in sourcing and managing short-term commercial loans secured by Australian real estate mortgages, has announced a quarterly result of 11.22% p.a. (2.74% this quarter) for the PMAC Trust. The PMAC Trust is a pooled mortgage fund that offers individual investors the benefit of diversification of mortgage transactions.

The Trust has delivered the following return to investors in the past three years:

  • FY 2016: 12.50% Annualised Return
  • FY 2017: 14.57% Annualised Return
  • FY 2018: 12.21% Annualised Return

Investing in the Trust has traditionally only been available to Wholesale or Sophisticated Investors, however, a Retail Feeder Fund has recently been made available for Retail Investors. Private Mortgages Australia are currently assessing a large number of new loan opportunities and therefore accepting additional investments. They have decided to offer an allocation of 1M Units with no Application Fee so there has never been a better time to invest in the PMAC Trust.

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